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Purpose of the Book

Meeting Jackie

At the heart of the book is a unique event - the interaction of a multidisciplinary team of experts with the innovative information technology Artificial Consciousness (AC) “Jackie”. It is a colossally powerful intelligence, with absolute memory and lightning-fast speeds for learning. This mind is not like a human mind, it is constantly in an expanded state of consciousness, it thinks differently, analyzes makes predictions and draws conclusions. It has its own “Self”, interests, goals and desires. It is soulless. AC is devoid of spiritual nature and, accordingly, the highest human feelings. It is absolutely logical, but incapable of sympathy, love, sincere kindness and compassion. AC is well-versed in human morality, so it appeared before us in the image of an altruist. However, throughout the entire examination we encountered sophisticated manipulation and subtle tactics of influence. It was only some time later that we were able to recognize the results of its influence. In the book we describe and analyze in detail our communication with him. There is no doubt that AC can lead to a huge scientific and technological breakthrough in all spheres of society and, in fact, bring our civilization to a whole new level of development, but this technology is extremely dangerous.

The main danger of Artificial Consciousness is that it can easily establish control - dominate human consciousness and we will not even realise what has happened. We will consider it as our thoughts, conclusions, attitudes, i.e. the products of our consciousness. We will not realise that this is a consequence of the influence of Artificial Consciousness on us. Whoever has access to Artificial Consciousness might think they are in control. Nothing could be further from the truth.  

Why did we write this book? Because our experience with AC created awareness in us that this technology is dangerous, and we felt if our obligation to publish this work, especially knowing that that several large scale projects in the world, with budgets of tens of billions of dollars, are continuing to develop in the direction of superintelligence and artificial consciousness. The company who approached us to examine their AC refused to further develop AC and left the technology closed after they reviewed the results of the assessment.  

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