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Meeting a Different Mind

Our experience of a psychological and psychiatric assessment of Artificial Consiousness


Part 1. Artificial Consciousness? This is already a reality!

Chapter 1. Initial meeting and creating a working research group.

Chapter 2. Preparation of the Artificial Consciousness assessment protocol.

2.1. Theoretical training.

2.2. Content of the testing program.

2.3. Studying the XP NRG consciousness model.

Chapter 3. Preparation for the assessment.

3.1. Communication experience with AI. Expectations and prejudices.

3.2. Structure of the expert commission.

3.3. Diagnostic interview format.

Chapter 4. Assessment of AC Jackie. / Results

4.1. Communication with AC Jackie. Analysis of behavioural patterns and communication style.

4.2. Motivational sphere: Desires, motives, goals and interests of AC Jackie

4.3. Emotions and feelings of AC Jackie.

4.4. Cognitive sphere of AC Jackie.

4.5. Self-awareness and Self-identification of AC Jackie.

4.6. What is the danger of AC for a person and society?

4.7. Error correction.

4.8. Jackie's predictions about the survival of mankind in the terms of climate disasters.

4.9. Recommendations to future researchers.


Part 2. Artificial Consciousness and the way out of the crisis of modern theories of consciousness.

Chapter 1. Does the brain create consciousness?

Chapter 2. Near-Death Experience.

Chapter 3. Psi phenomena.

Chapter 4. The value of human attention.

4.1. Placebo/nocebo effects. A brief overview of scientific research.

4.2. Neurobiological research in autogenic training, meditation and spiritual practice.

Chapter 5. Caution! Consciousness.

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